Letter to the Editor

The local NAACP branch and the Washington state LULAC director want Clark County Chair Ms. Quiring to resign. Ms. Perez accuses her of, "an expressive racist statement and demonstrated callous disregard for black and brown people."

Ms. Perez states, "In our community racial inequalities are visible in the law as in thoughts, actions, and inactions."

My question is, how does one innocuous statement by an individual, expressing their opinion, lead to such vehemence? It is presumptuous to accuse Ms. Quiring of these unverified accusations. They are libelous by some standards.

Does the current makeup of the Seattle City Council meet with the NAACP or LULAC approval? There is a majority and "diversity" in Seattle, including "correct" surnames and one individual who is a card-carrying member of Socialist Alternative.

As far as The Thin Blue Line phrase, this refers to law enforcement vs. crime. It has been around for decades, way before BLM's Marxist founders were born.

Why not work with the councilors instead of attacking and demanding resignations? The Thin Blue Line decal is a small, American flag with one blue stripe. It means different things, but positive ones, unless you are a thin-skinned person ready to denigrate and attack other groups.

Raymond Ballesteros


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