Letter to the Editor

My wife and I much enjoyed “Protecting freedom for future generations” by Liz Pike in the June 12 issue of The Reflector. 

Pike should be commended for attempting to educate at least that 50% of our public whose general awareness of the WWII years can be quantified by stating it falls at least an order of magnitude beyond merely abysmal. Ask a current high school senior to name the belligerents in WWII, and, following a “the lights are on, but no-one is home” expression, their first question would be, “What is a belligerent?”  

For probably three generations now, the kids, beginning from pre-school, have been brainwashed to disregard the actual history of our country, having it replaced by the traitorous/treasonous, Socialist/ Communist rantings of instructional staff who show not the least hesitation in rewriting history in the manner they judge as fitting for their way of thinking. The disgusting fact that these individuals are actually hired for these important positions gives us yet another indication as to just how bad the overall situation actually is. Adding to this obscenity, in most cases, the facility administration is fully aware of what is being “taught,” but does absolutely nothing about it. Nowadays most people under the age of at least 50 couldn’t care less about the historical periods upon which our country was built and stands on. The attention span of most could be measured in nanoseconds. Ask the average kid whom they would wish to emulate, and the odds are they would name some celebrity who would be far underqualified were they to apply for a job sorting hub caps in a junkyard. The many who have actually done something really worthwhile, applied to many different disciplines, are completely unknown to most anymore. For shame!

Thanks to Liz Pike for her very positive contribution. It should be required reading in school rooms across our country.

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