Letter to the Editor

I know of the numerous good works that Judge Darvin Zimmerman has done in our community, particularly for veterans and those with substance abuse problems. 

I work with those who run halfway houses, and everyone knows and likes Judge Zimmerman. He has worked tirelessly for both groups. He has spoken to literally thousands of individuals in our community so they understand the issues and legal consequences of their behavior in hopes that they get treatment if necessary and go forward to become law abiding citizens. He is always there to give a hand up and encouragement to those that need it.

Just look at one example in James Kasper, who constantly praises Judge Zimmerman and spoke about his friendship of over 18 years starting as a graduate of Judge Zimmerman’s Drug Court. He still counsels Kasper today on how to make his dream of helping those with sober housing even better at the former Ice House Bar & Grill. As has been echoed by so many that know him, he is a person we should strive to keep on the bench and not be swayed by cancel culture and misleading and selective reporting.

His events for veterans are legendary in our community. Concerts, dinners, car shows — all to honor veterans. He put on the largest veterans’ appreciation dinner that Clark County or maybe the state has ever seen, letting World War II and Korean War veterans attend free and having other community leaders participate in presenting them with beautiful plaques thanking them for their service. He invites the Gold Star families to attend free as well. I know for some it was the first time they were really thanked for their service.

Judge Zimmerman is compassionate and does not have a racial discrimination bone in his body.  The issue that everyone is upset about is being blown out of proportion. When is speaking the truth incorrect?  

People are easy to be offended and his past should bear reflection against those who are offended. He has been stellar in his performance, and people should keep all of this in mind.  People do make mistakes. Forgiveness is huge for releasing such offense and moving forward.  Judge Zimmerman is our judge. 

Let loose your offense and forgive what he may have said to offend, realizing that offense is minimal when compared to what he has done in the past.  He is a good man and a good citizen of this county and this country.

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