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I strongly support approving Washington Referendum 90.

Consider these 2018 Clark County statistics: 7% of eighth graders, 23% of 10th graders and 51% of 12th graders reported that they have had sex in their lifetime. Eleven percent of eighth graders, 17% of 10th graders and 25% of 12th graders have experienced being forced into unwanted kissing, sexual touch or intercourse in their lifetime.

Young people ages 15-24 represent 25% of the sexually active population but acquire half of all new STDs. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reported cases of chlamydia (12%F, 33%M), gonorrhea (27%F, 44%M), and Syphilis (72%F, 54%M) in this age group.

These numbers convince me that sexual health education is critically and urgently needed by our youth.

Comprehensive sexual health education provides our students in each grade level with medically and scientifically accurate information that is appropriate for their stage of growth and development. It also teaches them to set healthy boundaries and respect other people’s boundaries, too — this is what “affirmative consent” education means. Comprehensive sexual health education will build in our youth a protective layer against unwanted sex, unplanned pregnancy, sexual or physical abuse, and STDs. Studies have shown that comprehensive sexual health education is much more effective in delaying sexual initiation and preventing unwanted pregnancy than abstinence-only education.

Let us protect our children by arming them with accurate information and refusal skills that comprehensive sexual health education provides.

Vote to approve R-90!

For further research on R-90 and ESSB 5395, here is a very informative website R90InTheCommunity.com


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Healthy boundaries and affirmative consent sound good as talking points, but unfortunately the pro CSE folks are never called on to provide details and newspapers refuse to publish curricula examples even though they're readily available.

If you want to know what this looks like in the classroom, look at the curriculum and what you'll find consent means endless role-play scenarios that teach children below the age of consent how to say yes to sex, while normalizing underage sex. Here's just one of the many exercises kids are supposed to take part in. It's from The 3 Rs, a curriculum on OSPI's list that anyone can download for free at the authors' site, Advocates for Youth.

If you want the truth about what's in CSE curriculum go to Informed Parents of Washington and vote to REJECT R-90. Kids deserve better.

Andie and Diana are two girls who just met last weekend at a party. They had fun together, and now they’ve hooked up again this weekend. They’re alone in Andie’s basement. Plan a role-play in which Diana asks Andie about having sex and they make a decision.

Diana: You think Andie is a lot of fun and really cute. You’re not interested in a relationship. You know that you’re both really turned on. You decided some time ago that you weren’t ready for oral sex, so you know that’s off-limits for you. But you can think of a lot of other wonderful things that you and Andie can do to express your feelings for each other. Talk itover with Andie.

Andie: You think Diana is great and feel that this could be the relationship you’ve always wanted. You’ve never felt like this before and don’t want to do anything to turn Diana off. You feel open to all kinds of things with Diana, including commitment and sex. You plan to use protection if you and Diana decide to have sex.

--The 3 Rs, Grade 9, Lesson 7


There is no indication that this curriculum will do anything to lower the transmission of STDs. This odious piece of legislation abrogate the rights of the parents to teach moral practices to their children and places that responsibility with the State. There is no health benefit of teaching young children the nuances and intricacies of sex. On the contrary, it normalizes sexual behavior at an age where such behavior is most definitely NOT normal. It encourages sexual behavior at a younger age, increasing the likelihood of the very STD's the author suggests it will cure. It destroys the innocence of children by mandate from the State, and removes the joy of discovery that people enjoy as young adults. In any context, this is sexual grooming, designed to make children more susceptible to sexual abuse by adults.

Instead of promoting sexual behavior under the guise of education, the school and society as a whole should be working to monitor our children more closely, teach them self-control and the value of their personal dignity and prevent these liaisons that are contributing to the high STD rates. One or two class sessions in a normal health or biology curriculum in the mid-teens is adequate to teach about sexually transmitted diseases. It's not necessary to teach the kama sutra to impart this information. The human race has done just fine procreating thus far without this "education." It's not necessary to teach children how to pleasure themselves or their partners, and it's not the proper forum or role of schools to teach them the value systems that accompany the transition to adulthood.

There is a problem that many parents have abdicated their responsibility to teach their children, but it is NOT the task of the public school system to shoulder that burden.

Reject R-90!

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