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Anyone who knows me or reads my letters published here knows I am a progressive Democrat. To vote for anyone but the running Democrat takes a great deal of consideration. And this is what I have done in my decision to vote for, and in urging you to vote for, John Blom, independent for the Clark County Council.

He is the best person running to represent today’s Clark County citizens. He has been active in our community for many years, sincerely involved in learning about us, attending the Leadership Clark County program, which highlights the needs of this community.

We have been here before when independent Marc Boldt ran and look what we got. We do not need another carpetbagger whose values and action do not fit, nor benefit, our community. 

I may not agree with Councilor Blom’s opinions all the time, but I know he cares for all of us, not just his own agenda.  We need this now.

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Lew Waters

It is very disingenuous for any in the leadership of the Clark County Republican party to decry Blom's move to Independent status. After all, it was they in 2016 the brazenly declared him "no Republican" during the primary opposing former Councilor David Madore. Even though their by-laws specifically state the party takes no position in contested primaries between two Republicans, they simply "reinterpret" the by-laws to whatever the desired whim is.

Of course, when Blom won his race, somehow it becomes listed as a win for the party on their page.

As a former Republican switched to Independent myself, the corruption from within the CCGOP has only increased


Citizens should consider the "pay to play" scheme both Blom and Senator Rivers engaged in, trying to shake down businessman Eric Temple. Listen to Eric's story here on the Lars Larson radio show Tuesday.


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