Letter to the Editor

I support Shauna Walters for Battle Ground City Council. 

I have followed her campaign over the past several months and she has been diligent about keeping her followers up to date about what is happening at the city council meetings. 

She seems to care deeply for her community and has spent countless hours learning what it takes to make crucial decisions for our city. 

I have also seen much opposition to her from many people in our community, including community leaders who likely have not taken the time to get to know her or what she stands for as a candidate. 

I appreciate her strong stance on constitutional values, and I know that she will not be afraid to speak up if something does not align with our community values. 

I have also watched her opponent Neil Butler’s campaign, and it lacks substance, uses vague language and does not seem to take a stand on anything that would affect our daily lives. I am afraid that he would just agree to anything to not create waves. This is not leadership and it is this type of attitude that will ultimately lead to our rights being stripped from us and our taxes increased. 

Please consider a vote for Shauna Walters for Battle Ground City Council.

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