Letter to the Editor

Our state government and King County are acting like kings and we’re their subjects.

Once again our vote does not count. The citizens of this state spoke out against raising our taxes.

Initiative 976 was passed overwhelmingly by voters.

Now, the kings are trying to overturn the vote of the people by having a judge put the bill on hold.

They are trying to say the car tab bill was misleading. A judge ruled with our overlords. 

When does our vote count? The citizens of this state appealed most if not all the tax bills imposed on us hard-working taxpayers. 

Now our city council is raising taxes. 

When is this state and our politicians going to listen to the people? 

This taxpayer has had enough. The Democratic control of this state is taking every cent out of the citizens of this state. Time to march on Olympia or move to another state.

Enough is enough. Our vote counts. 

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