Letter to the Editor

To all my friends and neighbors who may not have been paying as much attention to the political scene and impeachment proceedings for the past two and one half years as I have, let me give you some information on what has brought us up to this point.  

Beginning in 2016 with the candidate debates, even before the primary election, candidate Marco Rubio’s team went to the Washington Free Beacon and investigative journalists George Will and Bill Kristol, who were never Trumpers, to see what they could find on candidates Romney and Trump. 

They in turn contacted Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS to investigate and see what dirt they could find. They reported back that they couldn’t find any.  After Donald Trump became the nominee, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee went to their attorneys of record, Perkins Coi out of Seattle, and requested they again contact Fusion GPS to do another investigation.   

Fusion GPS then contacted Christopher Steele, an ex-British MI6 agent with strong anti-Trump sentiments, but had many Russian contacts, to come up with a believable scenario to discredit Donald Trump.  

The Steele dossier has since been shown to be a work of fiction, however there are many who still believe it. Could it be that president Obama in retaliation for Trump’s promotion of the birther investigation and Hillary having been assured by the CIA and FBI that she would be the next president and as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had agreed “they would fix it” and that there was an insurance policy to make sure that never happened? 

If Hillary had won the election, none of this would have been known. Rather than accepting the will of the voters and their rejection of Mrs. Clinton, the Deep State along with the Mainstream Media, has declared war on the man who defeated her and who vowed to “drain the swamp.”  The full story of this attempted coup and the weaponization of the Department of Justice, FBI and CIA and their Saul Alinsky tactics remains largely untold, not because it is so hard to understand, but because of the lack of honest reporting. 

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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(1) comment

Bob Larimer

Spot on, Mr. Norton. Thank You!

Now for Durham Barr indictments of Obama Spygate bad actors.

Merry Christmas!!!

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