Letter to the Editor

Gov. Jay Inslee has again stated his intention to keep our economy shut down for months to come. He claims that his position is based on “science” and is therefore the only “logical” way to act.

His arrogance is unacceptable, as the “science” that he uses is only computer simulations, which can be wildly inaccurate. He calls anybody who disagrees with him “heartless” and “biologically ignorant.”  

He has taken away our constitutional rights, which is not allowed except when martial law has been declared. A lawsuit has been filed against his unconstitutional actions, which he looked over “very briefly” and then decided that it had no merit. He states that the vast majority of Washingtonians agree with his policies, without any study or poll. He is wrong if he thinks that the only people who disagree with him are the ones out protesting. He also states that there is “the potential for a resurgence of the virus,” and then goes on to say that “this virus is going to come back with a vengeance.”  

He does not know what would happen if the economy was opened; nobody can predict the future.

In Clark County, the past week saw an increase of confirmed cases of COVID-19 of only about two new cases a day (this is the smallest weekly increase since the April 24 to May 1 peak).  There have been a total of 23 deaths in this County with a population of 448,241 in 2019. This equals a .005 percent death rate for Clark County, a rate which I do not find to even merit pandemic status.

Because of Inslee’s shutdown, businesses are in crisis or going under, citizens can no longer work, the unemployment department is overwhelmed and people can no longer even go to the dump without being told that it is dangerous.

Mr. Inslee, you are destroying our economy.  

This state and the federal government has been handing out millions —  no trillions of dollars that are being distributed without having the money in the bank. These actions will leave us in debt for generations to come.

Since I am in the “most vulnerable group” being 68 years old and with immune system malfunctions, I am not being “heartless” about the need to reopen our economy. The vast majority of deaths from this virus are people who are 60 years old or older. My outlook on life at age 68 is that I have been living on borrowed time for many years now, and I will die from something in the not so distant future. Do not destroy our economy for my sake, please.

I have been a lifelong Democrat, but I will not be voting for Mr. Inslee in the next election cycle.  He has shown us his Big Brother side, and we cannot tolerate having our rights taken away any longer.


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(2) comments

Bob Larimer

More proof that my governor is an idiot.

The old Nigerian scam.

$100 Million.....just Gone.

Might explain why people forced out of work by Inslee can't get unemployment checks.



Can hardly wait to see the justification the Democrats in Olympia try to foist off on the citizenry when they attempt to increase the state tax rake-off to make up for the losses Inslee has forced in his attempt at being the Biggest Brother yet.

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