Letter to the Editor

We live north of Battle Ground and drive on Lewisville Highway/State Highway 503 on a regular basis. There isn’t a day going to town that we don’t see several sand- and gravel-hauling trucks. They all have covers for them but we have never seen anyone use them. They drive down the road with the dust and debris flying off the load. 

According to Revised Code of Washington 46.61.655, “any vehicle operating on a paved public highway with a load of dirt, sand or gravel susceptible to being dropped, spilled, leaded or otherwise escaping therefrom shall be covered so as to prevent spillage. Covering of such loads is not required if six inches of freeboard is maintained within the bed.” 

Therefore, as a result of this last line, they are able to load that way and can just let the dirt fly. Who knows if this can be changed?

Interesting isn’t it. Because of that wording, there is not any way that the state patrol can force them to cover their load. It is very sad that there is not any consideration for the environment and all the other people who use our roads. 

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