Letter to the Editor

We have just had our annual Fourth of July celebration, which commemorates this country’s freedom from the absolute control and enormous taxation that the British were doing to us.  

I am not in the celebrating mood this year, because our state is being ruled by a person that wants complete control over every citizen’s actions, just as the British did.  

This person is also bankrupting the state’s economy; the budget is now at a $9 billion shortage and growing daily, with only $3 billion in our rainy day fund.  

He has already revealed his plans to try to regain some of this shortfall by halting state employees’ promised wage increases and mandating that they take unpaid time off. Many small businesses are going under, and the larger ones are suffering badly from the reduced buying power of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers in this state.  

This person is our Governor, Jay Inslee.

Mr. Inslee’s recent mandatory mask mandate that states every person must wear a mask, in any public place, is the most recent and flagrant violation of our constitutional rights he has imposed.  In my 68 years living in the United States, I have never seen a level of social control enacted by the government such as this. 

If I do not knuckle under to this mandate, the government will deny me the right to get food, water and the prescription drugs that keep me alive from my local store. I cannot go into a restaurant. I cannot shop for anything else I need. I cannot interact with other people that I choose to interact with. There is no other word for this than tyranny.

Other duly elected state lawmakers have requested that Mr. Inslee convenes a special session to discuss the impacts of his actions and try to conceive a plan to deal with the financial mess that he has caused to happen. 

He has refused to do so, shutting them out of the decision-making process of our government, insisting on keeping all the power in his hands. This is a violation of the balance of power system that our government is supposed to operate under, guaranteeing that no individual can accrue unlimited power.

Gov. Inslee has the right and responsibility to warn the population of the danger that he perceives, educate them on what he thinks is the best approach to the danger, and hope that his message is accepted. Any actions taken beyond this level are the moves of a despot, and by one who wants to be king.

There is only one thing worse, in my opinion, than a rogue police officer and that is a power mad politician. Don’t believe them when they promise that this is only “temporary,” because history tells us that politicians have lied about this issue many times in the past.

Join me in denying Mr. Inslee any further government office service. Vote him out in the next election.                

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