There are many pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage democrats endorsing Marc Boldt and saying all these great things about him. As his brother-in-law, and his legislative staffer for six years, I know him better than any of those people and their support of a man who allegedly stands in opposition to them in every way except taxing us, the CRC, light rail and life-long tolls, but who seems to have dumped his integrity to get re-elected is troubling to say the least.

My concern is for the people of this county. By killing the promised charter form of county government vote, scornfully denying the entire county the right to vote on the CRC and by supporting the gerrymandered C-Tran tax district that excludes 60 to 100 thousand voters from having a say, but not from paying the tax, Boldt has shown himself unfit for elective office.

I’m sorry I can’t support Boldt. He stopped being a Republican years ago when he voted to confiscate our weapons in the event of an emergency, a vote I warned him was unconstitutional back in October, 2005 when he took it, but a vote he ignored me on nonetheless.

We do not need a commissioner whose number one priority seems to be his paycheck. Marc belittles the idea of allowing this county to vote on the CRC, he’s lied on his political literature about “fighting” to give us a legally-required vote, he’s raised our taxes; he voted county funds to make sure his wife, my sister-in-law, was paid; and he mirrors the other downtown democrats like Steve Stuart while he usually ignored Republican Tom Mielke on the commission. As a result, he’s helped turn this county into an on-going, agonizing train wreck of debt, unemployment and stifled business growth.

There are reasons the GOP rightfully censored him and a further reason that 70 percent (primary election) of us in his commissioner district rejected his continued governance. Please join with me in rejecting him for county commissioner.

Kelly J. Hinton

Brush Prairie

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