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I-1639, now the law of the land, should be repealed because it sets a new precedent for confusion that will pave the way for misguided interpretations and selective application of the law based solely upon the whim of those tasked with enforcement of the laws vague and nebulous provisions. 

Section 5, the Secure Gun Storage provision is intentionally vague as to what is considered to be “secure gun storage.” Felony charges could be brought by a bureaucrat against a person simply for having a collectible firearm on display. Given the vagueness of the law, Grandpa’s old muzzle loader hanging on the wall could now net a person prison time.

Section 7 and 8 require that a person waive their right to confidentiality by providing the state with the means to obtain all of their medical records. Now simply having ever sought medical treatment for depression, grief, or just a headache, means some bureaucrat in Olympia has the power to not only deny a person their rights but to also take their property. Additionally, all private medical records to some degree will become part of the public record. 

Section 9 provides the state with impunity. So in effect, a bureaucrat can deem a person to be an ineligible person thus for all intents and purposes, making that person a felon on record, if not in name, and there is nothing that can be done about it. No consequences mean no restrictions. A person cannot sue the state when the state gets it wrong.

Section 15.1. (a) states that all firearm buyers undergo a yearly, if not more frequent, review of their eligibility to keep and bear arms. This section alone would place an unreasonable burden upon not only the firearm owner but on law enforcement as well.

Section 15.1. (b) give law enforcement the right to enter your home and seize your property once some nameless bureaucrat deems (most likely after reviewing a person’s medical records) that they are in some way in violation of the law. This can now legally be done without court intervention and due process. 

The very nature of 1639 is a violation of our civil rights. Regardless of your political affiliations, no one can afford to suffer under the tyranny of a bad law enforced at the whim of some nameless bureaucrat who enjoys full immunity and who answers to no one.

One can go on and on about how cringe-worthy this new law is but you have to read it for yourself to truly understand just how bad it is in reality. 1639 needs to be repealed and a better more clear law enacted. A law that protects a person rights, privacy, and gives a person the means to challenge and fight poorly executed denial of their freedoms. A law that does not infringe upon the sovereignty of ones home and body. 1639 is a stain on the very fabric of freedom. It is unconstitutional.

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