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Jaime Herrera Beutler shouldn’t be afraid of angering this president by breaking from him and siding with Democrats on impeachment. His forgiveness doesn’t matter — it’s forgiveness from the citizens of Clark County that she should be mindful of. 

Letters to the Editor: Let Your Voice Be Heard

She has never been lumped in with the Republicans who are close to the president; she’s managed to keep herself separate from him. She doesn’t have to go down with that ship. 

Clark County kept her in 2018, so clearly not being tied to Donald Trump is a benefit in our county. 

Hillary Clinton narrowly won here, and we have historically been a red county. That’s how disliked he is: more people voted for a Clinton rather than the likes of him. 

He’s running the country like a mob boss, and so far, Rep. Herrera Beutler hasn’t been stamped with his brand. 

A woman being one of the first to break with the party would be a huge benefit for Republicans of the future. She could prove that the party isn’t fully corrupted, that there are civil servants who are interested in actual governance, not constant blocking and grandstanding. 

Her reputation in the history books would be secure for standing up at a key moment. This is her moment.

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I am not a fan of Trump, but he is trying to keep his promises. The fighting in the Gov. needs to stop, this is way past disagreeing on policy, and trying to find a compromise. They hate and and fight with each other, not because of policy, but because of party, or personality. Do we not learn and get ideas from others who see the world different, and we both grow, and things get better, instead of insisting it is my way or no way at all.


Donald Trump was duly and lawfully elected President of the U.S., yet has been actively opposed and accused of nearly every crime known to humanity by 235 Representatives - a majority - in the House, none of which have resulted in any adjudication of wrongdoing. It’s a near miracle the government has been able to function at all under the circumstances. Why would any person of principle choose to “distance” themselves from someone who appears to be the Grand Master of the three-ring circus that thrives in Washington, D. C.?

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