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In recent years, many in our nation have embraced the false idea that if people vote for something, it must be right and becomes law. However, the governmental system that was put in place by our founding fathers was designed to protect individuals’ liberties from the tyranny of the masses. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights laid out restrictions, not on the people, but on the government. These rights are not given by the Constitution, but by God. And as such, they cannot be taken away just because others have voted to do so. While I agree that there are means to overturn laws, I believe that is a separate issue, and I will explain why. 

First, the example Mr. Johnson used was for amendments. He inadvertently helps my case, because to overturn the 18th amendment, another amendment was required. Being as though the Constitution and its following amendments are the supreme law of the land, any law that goes against any part of it would require an amendment to modify or eliminate it. Not to mention, the Washington State Constitution has even more explicit language protecting gun rights than the 2nd amendment. Therefore, being in direct contradiction to the 2nd, 4th, and 14th amendments of the United States Constitution, and article 1: sections 3, 7 and 24, of the Washington State Constitution, I-1639 is a change that was made outside of the amendment process. Therefore it is unconstitutional.

Second, Mr. Johnson does not represent the voters of Washington state. He is supposed to represent the people of Battle Ground. Being as though Battle Ground voted I-1639 down by a 58.8% to 41.2% margin, he is nullifying his constituents’ wishes by refusing to take even a simple stand against this unconstitutional law. 

Third, even if this was not a direct violation of both Constitutions, the initiative process and petition collection laws were violated in numerous ways in an effort to get it on the ballot. The very system that is supposed to make sure these things are done properly failed miserably by just looking the other way. Biased courts and a corrupt attorney general had no interest in stopping it because it goes along with their political agenda. This is the process that we will use to fight it, but with little faith. 

Mr. Johnson claims that I am running because of I-1639. But that’s only a small piece of it. I’m running because I see government constantly overreaching it’s authority, and trampling on more individual rights every day. Those in government are meant to be serving the people, not promoting their own agendas and personal gain. I am running because I believe that the city of Battle Ground can be a leading example of what it means for government to serve the people and protect their constitutional rights. 

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