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What passes for “truth” in a recent letter to the editor in The Reflector sounded so wrong I had to verify the information for myself, so I looked up some things at OSPI. It’s amazing how that works! Julia Dawn Seaver wrote that kindergarteners would be taught about the clitoris if Referendum 90, SB 5395, is passed. I can’t imagine how the words “kindergarteners” and “clitoris” ended up being referenced in the same sentence unless they had thoroughly read the more than 30 books intended to be sourced for possible sex ed curricula and found it there. It is extremely unlikely information that would be found in any materials recommended for kinders, but your school district gets to choose from materials reviewed by professionals in education! Should sexual anatomy be taught on some level of health education, yes, but saying this kind of detailed knowledge would be taught to 5 year olds is false. Mutual masterbation can absolutely prevent unwanted pregnancy and help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but how it ties in with 12 year olds bathing together is really beyond reason when it comes to choices in curricula that will be made by your school district. Julia’s statement was highly misleading at best and an outright falsehood otherwise. I understand some parents may want to teach their own brand of sex ed at home, but at least get the facts straight. If you don’t want the health instructor teaching your child scientifically accurate, age appropriate information, then opt out at any time. Pass Referendum 90 to allow kids to learn the truth about healthy relationships, consent and abstinence as a method to help prevent the spread of STDs and prevent unplanned pregnancies. Let’s face it, young people are sexually active at earlier ages and they need to know how to not get sick or pregnant. Falsehoods kids spread at school can be mitigated with medically accurate, age appropriate learning.


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If the ability to teach the 3 R's, (reading, writing and arithmetic), is any indication of how sex education will be taught in our schools, the grade will be a resounding F!


It is indeed amazing how research works. It’s a shame you didn’t engage in it before writing your letter. Had you gone to OSPI’s site you would have seen the list of curricula available for schools to use. The only one available for K-3 is The 3 Rs. Next you would have gone to the authors’ site, Advocates for Youth, where you would have downloaded and seen the lessons for yourself. I’ll save you some time: Kindergarten Lesson 2; 2nd grade, Lesson 1; and the bathing/masturbation lesson is 7th grade, Lesson 5. Here’s the link. I’ll look for your amended comments. https://3rs.org/3rs-curriculum/download-3rs/

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