Letter to the Editor

This bold Congress bill called For the People Act is only bold for one party — the Democratic Party. 

I believe this bill will allow ballot harvesting, days on end voting, no ID to vote, no signatures required on mail-in ballots and allows taxpayer dollars to go directly to politicians to fund their campaign.  This bill also will consider lowering the voting age to 16.

People in this country illegally could vote as well. It will make sure that every eligible person is automatically signed up to vote.

This bill has too many flaws. This bill is against everything this country stands for in a complete and fair election.  

The U.S. Constitution says every state is in charge of their own election process.

This bill will make elections controlled by the federal government. 

This bill is so wrong in many ways. It is not For the People Act. It is only for power and control by the Democratic Party. 

Don't be deceived by the title of this bill. This bill will destroy every fiber of our republic and election system. 

Why allow no signatures on mail-in ballots and no voter ID?

Why allow ballot harvesting?

Why fund politicians’ campaigns?

Why allow up to 30 days to vote?

Why allow non-citizens to vote?

Maybe the answer to these questions is a question. Who benefits from this voting bill?

In my opinion it is the party who is pushing this bill, the Democratic Party. 

This is not For The People Act bill.

It is the Power Act Bill. 

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James, given the issues raised in your letter, I decided to take a close look at the bill. There are a few things about that bill that you apparently have incorrect information on.

Looking at the set of questions you included:

"Why allow no signatures on mail-in ballots and no voter ID?"

As far as I can see, you must be referring to the provision that allows for electronic verification of ballots when voted. This is not to allow voting with no signature or ID, this is actually moving elections into the 21st century recognizing that there are now systems developed that can allow for complete verification with an electronic signature and verification process. Obviously there must be safeguards built in to ensure that it is protected from any form of hacking, but that is part of the law as well.

"Why allow ballot harvesting?"

You must be referring to allowing someone to deliver a ballot to the ballot collection site for another person. I have often done this where either I take the ballots of other family members or I take along a neighbors ballot and drop them all off at once. Why would you not want to allow someone's ballot to be delivered?

"Why fund politicians’ campaigns?"

You are referring to the "Freedom From Influence Fund" which would provide a voluntary public finance system to match small contributions to campaigns. This is a system that has proven success in Seattle and Portland to give candidates who have broad support from small contributors a boost against those who get large contributions from wealthy supporters. The reason for this is to ensure that candidates can run without being completely dependent on funding from wealthy and corporate interests.

"Why allow up to 30 days to vote?"

From what I see the bill calls for allowing early-voting up to 2 weeks in advance, not 30 days, and for sending ballots to overseas and military voters 45 days in advance. My question is, what is wrong about allowing people more time to vote? Washington and Oregon, as well as a few other states, have experience with mail in elections and recognize now that voting is something that can take time. Instead of forcing people to make a snap decision when they see the ballot for the first time in a voting booth, give them the time to study and learn about the candidates and issues on the ballot before they cast it. I know, people should study everything before they go to vote, but there are times when something, usually a local race or measure, is on the ballot that the voter was not aware of. I think giving them time to do their own research and make an informed decision is a worthy goal.

"Why allow non-citizens to vote?"

Sorry, I don't see anything like that in the bill. My best guess is that you are assuming that provisions for automatic voter registration would allow non-citizens to slip into the voter rolls. I have seen how automatic voter registration is implemented in Oregon, and it has safeguards against that. For example, you can be automatically registered to vote when you get your driver's license. Well, the law actually requires that you provide proof of citizenship when you get your drivers' license in order to be registered to vote. Just like with previous systems, there are always the possibility that someone slips through, but there are also provisions to deal with that, and, as in the past, it has been extremely rare.

In your letter you also mentioned allowing 16 year old's to vote. I need to correct you on that. The provision you are referencing does NOT allow 16 and 17 years old's to vote, it allows 16 and 17 year old's to "pre-register" so that when they turn 18 they will be able to vote. Under current law in many states 17 year old's can pre-register as long as they will be 18 on election day. This simply expands that so that teenagers can get ready to become voters.

"Maybe the answer to these questions is a question. Who benefits from this voting bill?"

The people who benefit form this voting bill are the people who work long hours for a living finding it difficult to actively participate in political decisions, the people who have little money to contribute to candidates and so find their voices drowned out by corporate and wealthy interests, and those people who for generations have been denied the right to vote by discriminatory and oppressively voting restrictions.

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