Letter to the Editor

Who do you blame the most for our sorry state of political division — Putin, Limbaugh, Murdoch or Trump? Which has done the most to fan the flame of white dominance, hate, anti-socialism and a rapid retreat from truth and science? All are clever in their ability to tap into a smoldering pit of discontent. Shouting out, raising a fist, lying, deceiving, bullying, pointing a finger at minorities and losers. Never admitting their followers may have misjudged global competition and their need to adjust. Promising those left behind that they can reclaim lost ground, can make the past great again.

It's interesting that all these guys are part of the ultra rich, members of the top 1 percent of the top one percent, plutocrats who have been running the show. The ones responsible for the huge wealth gap and a horrendous national debt. Somehow spreading a magic dust that causes blindness to reality and negates any desire to come together and push forward, like our forefathers have done in past national emergencies. To work hard and sacrifice for the good of all Americans. Or are we in a nose dive we can't correct? The end result of contrived tribal indoctrination?

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