Letter to the Editor

I would like to share what I feel is an injustice happening to a group of seniors in the city of Woodland at the Woodland East 55 and older mobile home park located at 369 Gun Club Road. The senior tenants residing there received a notice on Nov. 18 stating:

“You are hereby notified that your monthly rent will be adjusted from $600 to $810 (that’s a 35 percent increase) effective with payment due January 1, 2020, to cover adjusted costs and market conditions. All other term/conditions of tenancy will remain the same.”

I recently read the article by Don C Brunell titled “The Greatest Generation is quickly slipping into history.” I believe this country not only has forgotten our older veterans, but has also forgotten our older generation the “baby boomers” as well.  

The majority of folks in the Woodland East Mobile community are seniors that are on fixed incomes, and some are on disability. Most are already having a difficult time making ends meet, with rising property taxes and ever increasing water and electric bills. As you know, Social Security does not give 35 percent increases. I understand that at times prices need to go up moderately, but not 35 percent at once.  

I feel that the new owners seem to be callous to this fact. Our society should honor those that have worked so hard over the years for what little they now have. It seems to me too often, it’s all about the money. It shouldn’t come down to rent or food this month for our seniors. It seems all too easy to forget that everyone will be seniors someday. I am not writing to The Reflector expecting the paper to do anything about this injustice. I’m just hoping you will get the word out, so maybe some elected officials such as Jaime Herrera Beutler for example, and others will realize that it’s seniors like these that have made our country the great country it is today and they deserve better than a “here’s your hat, there’s the door, you work it out.”  

I love your paper for speaking up for all people on both sides of the aisle. Please continue doing so, because our community needs it.


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Elizabeth G

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about seniors. Although I am from the younger generation, I believe there are a lot of us that want you to know you are not forgotten. You are a precious part of our community.

I can't help but wonder if the same ownership of your mobile home park are the same owners that have bought multiple mobile home parks in the Clark County area. The Werner Family was recently featured in The Columbian Newspaper for buying all of the parks and hiking the rents without just cause. Please see this article. Maybe there is something that you all can do together?


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