Letter to the Editor

We are missing an opportunity to educate America on systemic racism. 

Many do not understand what it is. White men and women have been denying black people their rights for so long, for whatever reasons they give themselves, that they are numb to doing it. 

They are gullible to their own reasons.  

In 2016, a black man and president of the United States was denied his right to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. The reason the white Republican Party gave was it was months to the election. They wanted the people to have a say in the election. 

People had already had a say — Obama was elected for a second term by the people. A high percent of people of color voted for him. It was his right and theirs' to have that position filled. Yes, not just Obama's rights were violated, but all the people of color that voted for him were denied their rights. Their voices were ignored, denied by the racist Republican Party. The population let it go with little consequence because we have become deaf and blind to systemic racism.

Now, a racist, white president Donald Trump has less than 50 days till the election. The same racist Senate leader, Mitch McConnell and his colleagues are racing to fill a vacancy. Though their behavior will further divide this country, they do not care. These people are the reason we are divided. 

This is systemic racism! You can say it is just politics, but the politics of the Republican Party are racist. The two can not be separated. If we allow this to succeed we are exactly where we should be, divided. This is the time, this is the opportunity for us to do something to bring the country together. This is the time to tell those that wish to divide us, we have integrity and do not want you here. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Isn't that what we would tell our children?

This moment, more than any other, brings clarity to why we are so divided. Before Trump there was Mitch McConnell, dividing us. Now they work together to complete the divide. It is time we face the enemy, face the divide and make a decision of integrity that brings us together.

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The writer of this letter is very wrong. I have no use for BLM or the NAACP, which are more racist than any whites I know. After the last few months as far as I'm concerned BLM lives do not matter. Because of these two extremely racist groups, BLM and NAACP, I have become more racist than I ever thought I would and I have no shame in admitting it. When a black person gets special consideration in applying for a job, a home loan, an education, etc. just because they are black, no matter what their other qualifications are, is racism against whites. I am proud to be white and will never be ashamed of what I believe. Face it, no one alive now has ever been a slave or owned one, so we don't owe the blacks anything. If you want something, go and earn it, instead of demanding it because of your color.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the highest median annual income in the U.S. belongs to Asians, at $100,000, and from 2016 to 2019, the income of Blacks rose more than any other three year period in U.S. history to a median of $45,438 - which is probably the highest income for Blacks of any country on the planet.

If this is “systemic racism” under “racist” Donald Trump, maybe someone could tell me where/how I could get me some a that?

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