Letter to the Editor

Every day I feel more and more like I am living in the science fiction novels of the past.  The evil, narcissistic leader of the United States bamboozles his party’s Congress into fostering his plans to enrich his wealth and ego by supporting their regressive agenda.

His grandiose behavior distracts the people — some vocal religious zealots caught up in his promises to rid the world of their idea of evil, and by many who are appalled and confused by him — all the while his Congressional minions wage legislative war on the masses to enrich the wealthy and punish the rest of us.

Meanwhile, half the remaining world, the civilized part, marches onward to save the planet from climate destroying behavior, while fostering cooperation with one another.  

The less civilized, stuck in decades of disputes, commit atrocities that seek to annihilate one another, I will add, encouraged by the evil bully in the USA.

In most of these novels the country is saved not by hypnotized followers, but by ordinary folks who support those legislators with the courage to take on the bully.  

These caring citizens elect legislators who understand the nature of the common good. And often the people take to the streets en masse to save the hopes and dreams of the founders of the republic.

And this is from where hope comes.  

But hope is not enough.  

We must act, and this means every one of us — for we are not in sci-fi now, but reality.

Marjorie Casswell


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