Letter to the Editor

How rude of Jay Inslee, asking for $3.6 million more for his security. He’s already getting adequate security of $2.6 million with a specialized eight-person detail unit as governor. His security is already a burden on our state taxpayers. 

The extra millions he wants could go to our much-needed infrastructure or cancer screening (as proposed by Senator Sharon Brown) or Handford clean-up or financial support for Washington’s public schools.

If Inslee wants to run for president, he can use his own money for extra security or get his campaign to fund it as he runs around the country. Who’s taking care of his job here? Does he not care about this state? Is he trying to bankrupt us? Look at the school deficits all around the state and other problems hovering over all. 

Inslee doesn’t need millions more of our tax dollars to cover his backside. What has he done for this state except for raise taxes?

He must have delusions of grandeur to think he’s presidential material!

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