Letter to the Editor

Taxes, taxes, taxes, everywhere.

The nation, state and local government are experiencing the best economy ever. The state has billions of dollars in surplus. But they continue to increase taxes on everything. 

Our Democrat-run state Legislature did not hear voters saying no more taxes. They are moving forward taxing fossil fuels disguised as cap and trade. This is a tax on our electric system, natural gas and gasoline. Our electric bills, heating bills and gasoline will increase by this carbon tax scam. 

Our state wants a green economic system. It takes fossil fuels to build windmills, solar panels and electric batteries. Don't be fooled by this “green new deal.” It is all about power and control. Under this cap and trade, coal plants, emission-producing companies can buy (tax) an offset of carbon. They can buy trees, build sidewalks, add parks, pay for elitist electric cars by giving rebate or tax cut.

Our property taxes have doubled. City tax will increase. The voters advised the state Legislature by rejecting 12 tax bills last November election. They stuck their noses up to every voter and increased taxes anyway. 

If they don't get their way they use courts to overturn voters fight against taxes, like $30 car tabs. .When is our vote going to count and voices heard? I say enough is enough. Let your local and state legislatures hear your voice. 

Taxes, taxes no more.

James Kissee 

Battle Ground


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