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John Ley is running to serve 18th District citizens as their state senator. He will fight for all of the citizens of the 18th District

For the past year, Camas residents have fought for open, transparent government, and for responsible spending of their tax dollars. John Ley joined his fellow citizens in this battle and this is how I met him. I want to highlight four key Items that John has worked on:

1. Last fall, citizens were outraged to learn the details of the $78 million pool bond. The price tag, its $500 tax increase for the average homeowner and $800 annual usage fee was ridiculous. Paying an additional 30% of your Camas property tax bill for a pool and rec center was simply way too much. John Ley joined us in exposing these facts and realities. He got on a regional radio show shining the light on the facts and figures. This led to all Portland TV stations picking up the story and doing extensive news reports on this boondoggle. Ultimately, 90% of Camas voters gave a resounding “No!” vote.

2. He participated in town hall meetings for the Northshore Development and the Lake-Everett Roundabout. He dug for details, later exposing the nearly $100 million road network needed for the Northshore development, which city leaders kept hidden. John dug for details on the roundabout, exposing a 2012 consultant’s recommendation for a $2 million roundabout as the “cheaper” alternative to a $5 million lane addition and signal light upgrade. He went on to expose the $2 million paid to consultants — 25 percent of the $8 million being spent for the roundabout. The total price tag has ballooned to four times the recommended “cheaper” alternative in just eight years. Something is very wrong when none of the city council even questioned the total price nor the huge increase in consulting fees this past March.

3. Recently, he dug into the water quality problems at Lacamas Lake, asking why city, county and state officials all seem to point fingers. Nobody is taking responsibility for actually fixing the problem. Water quality issues have been known for roughly two decades — it’s time to end the finger pointing and get the problem fixed!

4. For the past 10 years John Ley has become an expert on transportation issues. He regularly attends Regional Transportation Council Board meetings, fighting for traffic congestion relief, more bridges across the Columbia River and new transportation corridors. That’s what the people want — traffic congestion relief! He’s been a tireless advocate fighting against the outrageous Oregon tolling scheme. They want to pick your pockets beginning “at the border” with Washington.

John Ley wants to deliver on the failed promise of incumbent Senator Ann Rivers. She promised us a 30 percent property tax reduction. Homeowners know she failed, as property taxes are now higher than ever. 

Vote John Ley for state senator.

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