Letter to the Editor

The recent letter about cement barriers on Parkway Avenue hit a sore point with me.

I often wonder about the road engineers in this town. A simple painted line on the road is not enough for these people? They are willing to damage people’s cars if you wander just a bit out of line, or try to make a left-hand turn where they don’t want you to? A very minor driving error can turn into serious car damage. There are black tire marks on all of them where drivers have hit. Many have no doubt suffered front end alignment problems, tire damage, etc. It is often very difficult to see these barriers if it is dark or raining. And easy to hit them.

These barriers are proliferating — witness the new one near Fred Meyer with black marks all over it. This kind of vindictive and hurtful type of design is uncalled for. Please remove the barriers. I have lived in many other states that don’t have these and there is no valid reason for them.

Regarding the complaint letter from Gary Bruner.

It seems he thinks The Reflector is not politically correct enough.

I think the Reflector does a good job of reflecting the views of most in this area, given that it is a mostly conservative place.  

Almost all print media is liberal these days and add to that the cable news channels and you get a sea of liberally biased news. Most of the articles I read from the Associated Press sound like they are written by radical college students and other Trump haters. There are very few outlets for conservative views; talk radio is one of the few.

The columns by Don Brunell are excellent.

If Mr. Bruner wants liberal propaganda, most any other paper will do. The Columbian or New York Times are right up your alley. 

Please keep the Reflector just the way it is.

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