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Americans are a mixture of cultures. That is the idea of the founding fathers. That is why they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights to begin with “we the people.” 

For over 200 years, America and its people have attempted to and mostly succeeded in following the wishes and the dreams of the founders. This president is attempting to forever change the ideals guiding us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

As an American, you must believe in the thoughts and wishes of the founding fathers. That does not mean we have to agree on all aspects of what was written and cannot have a difference of opinion. 

But the foundation of our America is “the rule of law.” Those laws are what guide America. They are not hidden laws. They are not silent laws. They are not forbidden laws. They are laws taken from great cultures throughout history. 

Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to guide us in our endeavors. This president has not read and has no understanding of what it means to be an American! His disregard of the Constitution is traitorous and is why the founding fathers left Europe and fought the Revolutionary War. 

Trump’s impeachment is necessary if we are to fulfill what our founding fathers wished. There is no more important of an issue facing this country than this impeachment. Even if he is not found guilty by the Senate, we must have a historical and a written account of his disregard of the constitution and the bill of rights. Trump is the antichrist of America. 

He is why the founding fathers felt it was necessary to write down their ideals, wishes and thoughts in the form of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. His impeachment is not about health care, immigration, the environment, gun control, adultery, racism and bigotry. It is about the rule of law and whether he has violated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights since he became president of the United States. 

Has this individual we elected to be president violated the oath of office he swore to on the Bible? Has he violated the laws of the United States, which are the laws of man and God? Our time is now. How will America stand up to this challenge? Enemies are not just foreign. They are also domestic. I hope that we have the will and foresight that our founding fathers thought we will have. God bless America.

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Hhuummm…lots of nebulous claims that Donald Trump has violated the “rule of law,” but remarkably few actual cites. What “laws” has Trump violated, exactly? He’s violated various Washington, D. C. - the Swamp - mores and folkways no doubt, and bruised various political "feelings," but those are not “laws” and violation of same isn’t punishable by courts. The hyperbolic cries of the “outrage du jour” crowd that Trump is “destroying civilization as we know it” are rather humorous, but shouldn't and needn't be taken seriously.

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