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It is with regret to see biased reporting creeping into the articles covering political issues. In the article by Claudia Yaw about Congresswoman Herrera Beutler, the reporter writes, "Herrera Beutler was on the House floor during the Jan. 6 insurrection that left five dead after a pro-Trump mob broke into the Capitol." 

The discussion as to whether or not the event was a riot or an insurrection is up for discussion. Since Yaw used insurrection, where is her evidence the mob was trying to overthrow the government? Hanging out in the chambers taking selfies doesn't sound like an insurrection. Where's the evidence the mob was pro-Trump when dozens of the rioters have been linked to Antifa (no citation provided)? Then Yaw used the wording, "baseless claims of widespread election fraud." Was this reporter in a cave when the numerous reports surfaced of widespread voter chicanery with eye witnesses documenting this? Sure most courts rebuffed the lawsuits but they were struck down on procedural reasons and not on the merits. If this is Yaw's (or the Reflector's) impression of "baseless" claims, she should consider working for the Columbian.

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I thank Yaw and The Reflector for providing accurate information and reporting, instead of basing their reports on rumors that circulate through social media.

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