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Trump, and his defenders, say his comments to four non-white members of Congress were not racist. For the moment, let us put aside the issue of skin color and direct our attention to the rights given to the people of our great country. While I served in the Navy in the ‘60s, “America-love or leave it” was popular but even way back then it was un-American and I will tell you why. As a veteran, we all took an oath to the U.S. Constitution. I, and many others like me, still honor that oath. That document gives all of us (we the people) the right of dissent. As long as it does not involve blowing things up or killing others, it doesn’t matter who dissents. These four women have rightfully dissented against the actions and policies of the current government. Right or left, doesn’t matter what their politics are. So, in my humble opinion, Trump’s comments, and those who shout “Send her back” or who defend them, are un-American.

Regarding the “other” issue, I am not sure what measurements others have considered. Trump has a rather long racist history, going back to the discrimination lawsuit against him and his father’s company by the Justice Deptartment. He lost his countersuit. Of course, he has said it was settled with no guilt admitted but it did involve a large sum of money and changing his business practice of excluding renters who were non-white. I do not have the space here to list all of the actions this President has taken, and all the words spoken (or rather tweeted). I will turn an old saying into a question – if it walks like a duck and it always talks like a duck, then what is it?

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