Letter to the Editor

I wish to thank The Reflector for printing most letters to the editor. Especially Marjorie Casswell’s letter of last week. Her letter is revealing of her obvious hatred for men, white men and old, white men. She first tries to cover her tracks by telling us some of her best friends are white men. She even lives with one for Pete’s sake. Therefore she has the gravitas to tell us how much she hates them. Marjorie, hatred cuts both ways. Maybe even a few years ago some of your best friends were Black guys, now it’s white guys. Please stop the hatred. You owe the community an apology. Even re-education classes. In fact, I will offer those classes to any self hating liberal bigots like Marjorie free of charge. By the time I’m finished, you’ll be putting “Trump 2024” on your bumpers.

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