Letter to the Editor

Earlier this month on Highway 12 near Ethel another motorcyclist was senselessly murdered by a driver turning directly into his oncoming path. This 28-year-old man, Derek Fanning, was killed in the prime of his life. No charges or citations were filed immediately. Why not?  This is negligent homicide at least. Why isn’t this the automatic charge when repeatedly motorcyclist are being randomly cut down on the roads by distracted, irresponsible drivers? Immediately cars should be impounded, cell phones confiscated and drivers arrested. How can we allow this to continue to happen with no repercussions?  This slaughter isn’t just local. Portland is a hotbed for riders being ran down!  Nationwide drivers are failing their duties to properly look twice for motorcyclists. Laws need to change. There are responsibilities that come with that set of car keys!

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Thank you so much for posting this. You are 100 percent correct. There needs to be steep punishments for this

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