Letter to the Editor

Congress needs to act now to force the lowering of drug prices. 

They are completely out-of-hand. When I go to the pharmacy, I hear people exclaim over raised prices, and the older people sometimes have to forgo their medications, because they would not be able to pay for food and other living expenses otherwise.

I must take a drug which costs $4,000 per month, or  $1,000 per week. It has quadrupled in price since I started taking it approximately 15 years ago. At this rate my medical benefits will be used up soon. This is not the only drug I take, but it is the most expensive. I am 72 and on a fixed income. Fortunately, I have drug insurance, or I would have to do without this disease-modifying drug.

I do not understand why it is so expensive, since it is commonly prescribed for several auto-immune diseases, as well as other diseases which causes white cells to proliferate. The rationale that the price pays for the research it took to develop it makes little sense to me, since that cost must have been covered long ago.

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No good has ever come from government control of prices. Doesn't anyone remember the infamous "wage and price" controls of the Nixon era? If drug companies can't make a profit from their research and development projects, they'll simply stop those projects. It's estimated it currently takes somewhere around a billion - yes, with a "b" - dollars to bring a new drug to market. Do the math. It's the human ambition to live forever, painlessly and happily that's driving drug prices; not "big pharma."

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