Letter to the Editor

In the last presidential election, roughly 60 percent of those registered cast their vote, which leaves about 40 percent who did not. Regarding the latter, this indicates a large number of people who want the rights of citizenship but not the responsibility. 

I disagree with the president’s views on mail-in voting fraud and would like you to consider two geographically and culturally diverse states. 

The state of Washington, a vote-by-mail state, has a Republican secretary of state who oversees elections. She reported 142 cases of suspected voter fraud in the 2018 midterm elections, out of a total 3.1 million votes tallied. Since the percentage of fraud is so small (.004 percent), this should give us confidence this state’s mail-in-ballot process works well. 

Georgia is a modern electronic polling state, with a long history of voter suppression going back to the Jim Crow era. In 2018, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state put 53,000 new voter registrations on hold using an error-prone system called “exact match.” 

Later we found out that 70 percent of these were black voters. It was recently discovered that almost 200,000 Georgia voters were also erroneously purged from the rolls for incorrect addresses, when in fact the addresses were correct.

Mr. President, even with a change to mail-in-voting, it appears that voter suppression (of non-white voters) will be a much bigger concern than voter fraud in the November elections. Expressing your concerns about voter suppression via Twitter is encouraged.


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