BG Veterans Memorial

The Battle Ground Veterans Memorial was formally dedicated on Nov. 11, 2015, after six years of fundraising. Engraved on its walls are the names of the 31 community members who died in service in wars ranging from World War II to the Global War on Terror. 

The last day of May is a very solemn day in the United States, a day that we pause from our everyday activities and remember those that gave their last full measure of devotion to this country. This Memorial Day will be unlike any that have come before. Normally people gather, converse, remember and perhaps shed a tear for those who have left us way too early. However, due to the situation we find ourselves in, our ability to gather and remember will not happen this year. Nonetheless, we will as a grateful community, not forget the names of those men on our remembrance wall this Memorial Day, or for that matter any other day. What they did on our behalf and for their nation is beyond our grasp, and we will always be in their debt.

May their families and friends find hope and solace in the realization that we as a community and a nation acknowledge their loss, and hope that they find peace.

We ask that at 11:00 AM, wherever you may be on this Memorial Day, that you take a moment and remember those from the Battle Ground area, and all across this land, who gave their all in the defense of this country.

Listed below are the names of local Battle Ground-area men who died in service and whose names are engraved on the wall of the Battle Ground Veterans Memorial.


World War II

Julius J. Bergman, Otto O. Burgstahler, Edmond H. Condon, Jack O. Freel, Bruce C. Green, Joe J. Pancoska, Elmer E. Pellett, William A. Pelto, Archie C. Peru, Albert E. Sarkinson, Paul H. Snider, Sheldon E. Tessendorf, William A. Uskoski, Leonard A. Wallace, Milton E. Winston, Walter G. Wright



Jack Hanley



Raymond E. Carpenter, Daniel B. Cheney, Richard A. Hostikka, Dale R. Lindberg, Alvin L. Lowery, Timothy G. Mattson, Monte V. Thomas, Donald F. Thulin


Global War on Terror: Afghanistan

Bryce D. Howard, Andrew J. Shields, Jonah D. McClellan


Global War on Terror: Iraq

Cedric E. Bruns, Kane M. Funke, Jeremiah J. Johnson


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