Letter to the Editor

Now that the dust has settled and it was established that the accusations hurled against you were false, I would like to take the opportunity to send this letter along to you in the hopes that you can forgive a group of people that were wrong. I want to give credit to Mr. Giere, whose words I used to craft this apology.

Like many people, I was shocked, offended and saddened to see how you were treated on national news. About how you were not only harassed by a group of racists shouting slurs at you, (not initially mentioned) but also how you were accused of publicly harassing a native American veteran, who came up to you banging a drum in your face while you stood calmly smiling, and how so many, including Mr. Giere of Battle Ground, were willing to condemn you without investigating the allegation. 

Please understand that these people behaved badly in the public forum in a manner that brought shame and disgrace upon themselves and an embarrassment for our country. Keep in mind that all adults do stupid things. Nevertheless, this in no way excuses the behavior. It was quite simply reprehensible. Apologies are owed, punishment is in order, and lessons are to be learned. Please try to be forgiving.

Agree, Mr. Giere?

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