Letter to the Editor

Val Alexander’s recent letter to the editor starts out with the words “deeply resent,” also later adding the words “truly ignorant” to the opinion. 

It’s an all too common occurrence that shuts down conversation as opposed to having an honest talk on differing points of view. 

So I will do my best to refrain from name calling.

For nine months we have been battling COVID-19 and it has gotten worse, with no end in sight. Even though we now have more than one vaccine we can use. It’s a virus that is 99.5 percent survivable. A little less ( 99.4 percent) for those 70 and older. I’m not arguing we have a virus to deal with. It is not the first virus we have dealt with, and it will not be the last. 

Val is concerned about the cost to taxpayers and believes Rep. Vicki Kraft should be liable for the cost. I wonder if we should consider the cost to the hundreds of thousands of lives that were ruined because their livelihoods have been destroyed by the lockdowns? Or the tax revenue lost as a result of that? Or the many people who had to forgo medical treatment in lieu of COVID-19 patients getting priority?

Or the suicide rates climbing? Many people are dying from other causes as a direct result of how we are handling this virus.

Many, many people are contracting the virus even after following all the mandates. Bottom line is lockdowns, distancing and wearing masks are not stopping anything except our freedom and security! We as a country have paid a horrible cost for something we have little if any control over. At what point will we accept that life is full of obstacles and that we simply cannot completely isolate ourselves from the job of living? 


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Those who refuse to wear a mask broadcast their selfishness and lack of consideration for the health of their fellow citizens.


No need to be concerned about lost tax revenues; one way or another, "government" will extract its due. (Plus 10% for the added inconvenience.)

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