Letter to the Editor

Hey guys, don’t waste our time. Just say, “no matter what Trump does, it’s OK with 98 percent of us senators.” Get the sham over with.  

This is “The Apprentice” redux. I couldn’t stand that, and I can’t stand this either. Being a loyal, lifelong conservative Republican has not totally wiped out my mind or my honest principles. You gave away our Congress. My guess is you will get your royal red butts kicked big time in November 2020.  

 So, I am preparing myself to get used to a screaming liberal federal government. The guns and Bible crowd is only 37 percent and shrinking.  I suspect it will make the Obama guys look like a bunch of rednecks. The goofy Democrats blew it big time by stupidly shoving crooked Hillary into the front.  

Damned if the witch almost made it. Old confused James Comey came through in the last lap. I voted McMullen as a protest. The silly Democrats may stumble around and make it this time.  The married, homosexual guy with the funny name is looking better and better. He’s pretty conservative and very smart. Be funny as hell if The Donald gets beat by an avowed openly honest homosexual candidate. I went for a Mormon last time, and I might go for a homosexual candidate this time. Poor old Joe Biden is dumb as a stump. Warren is Crazy. Bernie is too Bernie.

Thanks to the idiots in charge of the Washington State Republican Party, we have had a liberal, tax-the-hell-out-of-them state government for over 30 years.  Last I read, we were No. 4 from the top of the heaviest taxed per capita in the USA.  They are trying hard for No. 1. I just bought four properties in the burned up city of Paradise, California. The taxes and closing costs were a fraction of what they are in Washington. I bought brandy in California for $16.95 a 1 and ½ liter bottle that is about $45 out the door in Washington. And California Is supposed to be bad.  

From what I read, commissar McConnell is not even going to make it look good, so just vindicate the Donald and get it over with. Salvage what you can of the next year of madness. We survived George the lesser, still screwing around 18 years, trying to do what no one in history has ever done, and never will — civilize Afghanistan.  Maybe we can survive the Donald.  Bush screwed up and listened to Dick Cheney and attacked Iraq for Halliburton. That tore it for me and the party.  Now, we have to spank you and try to get back to sanity. It may be too late.  

I am a 90-year-old Curmudgeon, also a loyal tax-paying American and a former G.I. in  Korea,  and now I am totally scared for my beloved America.  

Many of my more intelligent conservative friends feel the same. They would vote for a rapper if he ran against the Donald.

Wake up guys, the world is on fire.  

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It's amazing to discover people can go to war against Socialism at one point in their lives, and vote _for_ it in another!

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