Letter to the Editor

Thank you Rep. Vicki Kraft!  You continue to represent Clark County well. Attention Legislative District 17 — please re-elect Vicki Kraft!  Representative Kraft is a proven constitutional and fiscal conservative supporting parental rights and family values!

The 2020 Wuhan Virus responses by WHO, CDC, NIH, and Washington state government have all families stressed. The breakdown of law and order via ongoing riots show us anarchy and destruction. Surely our state administration Legislature needs to reopen and start working to solve problems throughout the state. All three branches of state government need to embrace and demonstrate leadership, integrity and accountability or accept being replaced by “we the people” representation.

Let us get our state and county back to work, children back to school, and create more new jobs.  

• https://www.vbjusa.com/news/top-stories/bia-endorses-jaime-herrera-beutler-and-vicki-kraft-in-aug-4-special-election/

• http://www.thereflector.com/community/article_9c260450-addb-11ea-9174-ff1a5fb1f0fe.html

Gov. Inslee’s appointee, Suzy LeVine, Washington State’s Employment Security Department’s director, failed all Washingtonians with the $600+ billion fraud/hack. The governor’s ‘lockdown’ mandates are illegal and the SB 5395 CSE Law he signed into law is horrific.  

Thanks to everyone who signed Referendum R-90 — a record setting 266,000 signatures, during a pandemic lockdown no less, the awful CSE law signed by Gov. Inslee is now on hold pending our voice/votes on Nov. 3!  Vote to ‘reject the bad CSE law on the Nov. 3 ballot. 

Finally, patriotic voters in Clark County — please do not let our freedoms go extinct. Use your votes to re-elect Rep. Vicki Kraft and all constitutional conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and law and order conservatives! By so doing we voice our direction to Olympia’s current administration and legislature. The Aug. 4 primary and Nov. 3 general election ballots are very important! Gov. Inslee’s team and the Legislature in Olympia need to hear from us, learn to listen to us, know that we defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution, and therefore become accountable to we the people! 

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