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I am writing to express my deep disappointment in the City of Battle Ground and their response to petitioners asking the city to establish an ordinance wherein our city would ignore the new gun ownership requirements that became state law through the recently passed Initiative 1639.

Joey Gibson and his group, Patriot Prayer (PP), have been touring our state, inciting small groups within cities and counties that they do not reside in, to protest this new law. This protest is not originating from citizens of our own city, but from an outside group intent on influencing our city government (Gibson resides in Camas). 

Clark County Sheriff Atkins and our own Battle Ground PD Chief Bob Richardson have commendably and responsibly stood by the new law, and publicly stated that they will enforce the law, until such a time as it may be found unconstitutional (there are already court cases in effect). They are doing their jobs, and I thank them heartily for this. 

When Gibson and PP took to the City of Washougal to petition that city council to ask for the same oversight of state law, the Washougal City Council wisely referred the request to their city attorney, who came back and said that their city would be following state law. Bravo to Washougal. 

Why has our own City of Battle Ground not done the same? Are they seriously considering flouting state law? In the meantime, by sitting on their hands and doing nothing, they have encouraged a series of “marches” every Sunday by Second Amendment extremists, protesting this new law and asking our city to do the same. Every Sunday in March, Gibson and his PP followers have been meeting in the center of our city at Kiwanis Park, armed to the gills with guns of all makes and models — this in a place where many Battle Ground residents take our children to play on the playground, splash pad, and big grassy field. Main Street has been lined with 40-60 folks from who knows where, gathering to flaunt their guns, blocking our sidewalks, and rattling the general public. 

So, City of Battle Ground, I implore you: please find it within you to publicly tell Joey Gibson, PP, and the Second Amendment extremists they’re attracting to our city that we will not consider their petition, that the City of Battle Ground will follow state law. Give us back our peaceful Sundays in our quiet city.

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Polly Baker

Joey Gibson screwed up, plain and simple. He allowed a white supremacist to speak at one of his gatherings. He has now aligned PP with white supremacy. Unfortunately, rather than owing up to the mistake, he yells at and blames the media for saying he has caused controversy by allowing white supremacists to speak. This is not fake news. This is factual. Joey actually allowed white supremacists to speak at his gathering which caused controversy. Although he wants to jump on the "fake news" propaganda bandwagon, this is a problem that Joey created himself. He needs to stop trying to place the blame on the media and put it where it should be--with himself for doing something so stupid. The media is accurately reporting the news....just because Joey doesn't like it that they continue to remind him of his mistake, doesn't by any way, shape or form mean that it is fake news. Be responsible Joey. Own your mistake. If I was PP I would have dumped you as soon as it happened, because they (PP) will now forever be tied to white supremacy as long as you are tied to them. If they truly want to relieve the organization from the bad name that you have given to them, then they should, without hesitation, step away from you, IMO. Sometimes mistakes require us to make sacrifices, even if it is something that means the most to us.


"Extremists," Nope!!
Constitutionalists, Yes!!


Extremists, NO!
Constitutionalists, YES!!


Thank you Joey for all you do!
I am not an extremist according to the definition of the word. I live in La Center, 20 minutes from Battleground and my immediate family lives 8 mins from downtown BG. Thank you to all who support our rights. I live and shop in the area every week. I, like many, many others own and carry (legally) a concealed weapon. Maybe you should think more about how many more of us (like me) are with you, everyday at the gas station or grocery store... We are here. We are not criminals. We are locals.


So many innacurate statements. #1 I do not live in Camas. I live 5 minutes from downtown Battle Ground. #2 I am not an extremist. If you consider me an extremist then you are calling 65% of battle ground extremists. #3 I am asking for an ordinance to protect the 4th amendment in Battle Ground. I simply want the police to get a warrant if they are going to take guns. Why is that so bad?

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