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It's time to give the average homeowner a well deserved break. I haven't had any kids in the school system for about thirty years, but I still have to pay outrageous property tax. It's bad enough that the Battle Ground school board secretly met and gave our previous superintendent a $400,000 buy off so she would leave the school. This was kept secret because a bond vote was coming up and they didn't want to see it fail, which it would have if taxpayers would have known about it. I also am sick and tired of subsidizing people who have anywhere from six to sixteen kids in our schools while paying the same property tax as I do with no kids in the system. We need to make people pay according to the number of kids they put through the system. If you can't afford them, then don't have them. Battle Ground is well known for a certain religious faction who are doing this. It's time they paid their fair share. Why not. They pay little if any in income tax because they have so many dependents. Another group not paying their fair share are renters. They claim they pay property tax in their rent. They do, but it's a lot less than homeowners pay. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be any affordable places for them to live because they wouldn't be able to pay the rent. Until we are treated equally, no school bond or levy should be passed.

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