Letter to the Editor

Some in the gun advocate camp are opposed to any limits on gun ownership: background checks, raising the age to buy guns, restrictions on assault weapons, bump stock bans and “Red Flag” laws. 

They view these as infringements on their right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Yet, they are willing to accept restrictions on other freedoms.

Two examples (there are many): Freedom of speech is guaranteed under the constitution, but I do not have the right to drive into your neighborhood at 3 in the morning with loudspeakers on my car broadcasting political propaganda into your bedroom. 

Freedom of religion is guaranteed, but I do not have the right to stone my neighbor, in keeping with several Old Testament texts, who is not worshiping on the seventh day. 

These may seem silly examples, but they illustrate the point that we accept restrictions on guaranteed freedoms that are necessary for the well-being of society, public safety or public health. 

Some in the gun ownership camp seem to have missed this.

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Yes, some "gun advocates" object to "any" restrictions placed on their 2nd. Amendment rights. Primarily because they've learned from bitter experience there's no end to the restrictions demanded. Everything - repeat, everything - actually evil or harmful that can be accomplished with the help of a firearm is and has been illegal for centuries. Now, the restrictions are increasingly against everything that might possibly be construed as leading to the possibility of an illegal act, i.e., "possession" of an inanimate object, by every gun owner or even potential gun owner. E.g., every male has the equipment needed to be a rapist; should all males be convicted of such - just because they "could"? Gun "control" advocates are currently trying to make so-called "assault weapons" illegal for mere possession, even though _all_ long guns are responsible for fewer murders than "hands, fists, feet" or "knives" according to the FBI. Does that make sense to anyone?

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