Letter to the Editor

This lady needs to get a grip on life. Someone needs to tell her and the swamp Trump is gone! After commissioning retired Army General Russel Honoré to investigate security failures, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to House Democrats recently, “It is clear from his findings and from the impeachment trial that we must get to the truth of how this happened.” Ah yes, “the truth.” She and the deep state have $500 million in taxpayer funds “invested” in their impeachment props that she can’t let go to waste, even if it resulted in not much truth and way too much political theater. Have we seen this in the last four years before?

Not only that, but she called for more money to be spent securing the Capitol. The $500 million we mentioned was primarily spent on keeping the National Guard in D.C. for far too long already. Nevertheless, she wrote that this is all about “our security, our security.” Hey Nancy, the American people are still here, and are still needing help! We need Congress to help the Average Joe American citizen. Nancy, you need to retire before you get kicked out. You and your left-wing cronies haven’t passed a decent anything for over four years. You've been too busy trying to reverse the 2016 election. I pray every American whether a Democrat or Republican votes out of office all of the old incumbents in the future elections who haven't done a thing for the average American. Maybe this will send a message to all elected officials that we the people still hold the power they seem to think they have. If these people don’t get their act together, states will start dropping out of the union, and we will end up with two separate countries. Please, any people that love any part of our country, open your eyes, and do your homework before it’s too late for our country. America haters please leave. America lovers please unite. 

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So does all the traitors in Congress.[whistling]

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