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Northwest Innovations Works has two stories. They’re telling one story to you and me and they’re telling a whole other story to potential investors. For years, we have been told by NWIW that methanol will be exported to China to make plastics. But now, we learn that they’re telling potential investors that methanol will be burned in cars in China.

I’m opposed to shipping our natural resources to China and giving that nation the leg up in manufacturing or fuels and I’m really opposed to NWIW lying to residents of Kalama!

Between the public money NWIW wants from us, over $12 million for a road and dock and a $1.8 billion federal loan guarantee, and their dueling stories about plastics and fuel, I think the writing is on the wall for Kalama: time to cut ties with NWIW. Let’s bring safe, clean and honest industry to Kalama.

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Chris Young

The writer of this LTE has only one thing correct: "We should not be exporting our natural resources..." If we do legally sell something to another person or country, how they use it is then irrelevant. The problem is that the US should be using the resources internally to produce product, jobs and a better living environment for all. Conservationiists and NIMBY advocates are great for saying "We can do better!" But I have not heard a single "better" proposal being offered.

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