Letter to the Editor

David Taylor’s letter concerning gas tax change is spot on. Changing to a road use tax will be a disaster. The government administration would grow significantly, adding to the loss of dollars actually reaching the road.

In addition to Mr Taylor’s points is that our current method of gas tax collecting is seamless to the consumer. They pay it when they buy it. Changing to a use tax requires people to set aside money to pay their tax monthly or quarterly, etc. How many people are able to set money aside for savings, let alone to pay a tax? The result?: The government will have to also expand into the collection business, going after those who fail to pay. 

How would they know? Another government agency will have to be created to investigate those who dodge the tax.

All this means is bigger, less efficient government and higher taxes to pay for it all, and crappier roads because the money won’t get to where it’s needed.

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