Letter to the editor

Our liberal public school system has lied and indoctrinated an entire nation for over 70 years. The theories of evolution and the big bang have been taught as though they are fact, but have never been proved. Atheists have pushed these falsehoods because they despise lessons in morality from God. They won't allow the world's greatest history book, our Bible, to be taught to our children. It has more proof of human history than any book of its era or since. There are thousands of manuscripts offered for reading, but liberals, instead, teach Godless Marxist “truth.” They also give lessons in protesting. Everything in public school is becoming political. We now have half a society lashing out for their own biases. They act like “chipped and programmed” robots for liberal politicians. They continue to seek truth from those who rule over them. If we use the mind God gave us, to do our own research, we will find that Jesus Christ is the truth. Our concern should be with the ruler who controls the destination of our soul rather than the hatred sponsored by the left. Atheists, along with their judges, lawmakers and media groups, believe in their own pride and wisdom. Their egos are so extreme they will take the world with them, to the dark side, if they are wrong about God's non-existence. That is one steep price to pay even without betting your own child's soul. The atheist ideal was tried in Liberal, Missouri. In 1880, George Walser only invited those with Godless hearts to live in his new founded town. Their lack of morals shows what happens to a people when they stray from the Lord. Walser's experiment failed, but from that depth of darkness he came to the light. Can you imagine a world without the love and morality of Jesus Christ? Liberals are taking us there. When the socialist vote reaches 51 percent they will own our courts and collect our guns. They will then rewrite our constitution however their biased hearts desire and strip our remaining rights. It will prove to be more difficult to live as a Christian while hiding in a Marxist world. That is where atheism wants us. True Christians will not hide. They will continue to be Christ's light in this dark world of sin, just as he asks. Persecution, for their faith, will increase. Perhaps Christ's appearance on earth is nearer than many want to believe. Jesus is an either/or option. If we don't choose him, we earn Satan as the alternative and every Christian knows this. If we don't stand for Christ, he will not stand for us at the judgement. Perhaps we should read our Bibles, that gather more dust than fingerprints, before it's too late. Let’s learn who God and Jesus truly are and some belated human history. May I suggest the Book of Genesis for our true beginning and Acts for early Christianity? Good luck at the judgement.

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