Letter to the Editor

The Ridgefield School District aspires to be the state’s premier district, leveraging strong community partnerships to provide each student personalized learning experiences, opportunities and skills that ensure success and unlimited possibilities.” 

This goal is truly what we all should think about as we cast our vote in February for the Ridgefield School District bond and remember that this district’s goal is what has attributed to the Ridgefield School District’s numerous successes. It is truly the collective commitment across the school district to this goal that sets us apart from other districts. 

At the heart and foundation of this bond is the continued focus on our district goals — student achievement, the learning environment and parent and community partnerships. The major building modifications will provide much needed space, especially at the elementary schools. With the 1,760 new students projected to arrive over the next five years this bond will add a new K-4 elementary school, new 5-6 intermediate school (as a first phase to a 5-6 and 7-8 campus), as well as new classrooms for general education to slow the need for additional portable classrooms at the Ridgefield High School and the addition of a new vocational building to replace the existing one built in 1975. 

As we continue to focus on “ensuring success and unlimited possibilities” for every student in our district, we are encouraged by our future and the ongoing engagement with our community. We must all collaborate to provide every opportunity for each student’s education. This bond is a vehicle to continue fulfilling our obligation to educate all of our students. Your support is very much appreciated. Please vote yes on Feb. 11.

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