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 I disagree with Barbara Curry’s letter of April 13 when she says we are “fortunate to have a president who is a businessman rather than a politician.”

With the arrival of the coronavirus we could use a politician. A politician who is more interested in the health and well-being of the American people than the dollar (evidenced by Donald Trump’s push to reopen meat plants endangering the lives of many); a politician who is willing reach across the political aisle to find a workable solution to our crisis rather than attack those who disagree with him; a politician who is willing to admit when he makes a mistake and seek a correction rather than fighting to defend his reputation and ego; a politician who will listen to his scientific/medical advisors rather than undercutting what they say; a politician who will reach out to other countries and the WHO to work together for a cure to a common crises rather than accusing and attacking them.   

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Ah, yes, let’s keep those dangerous meat plants closed for…a month? A year? Five years? (How are truck farms any different?) Because starvation is such a better way to die. (Lest we lose sight of the facts, flu vaccines have existed for decades, yet thousands of Americans die from it every year. Any reason to think CV-19 will operate differently?)

Polly Baker

Starvation? No, Americans will not starve because one or two meat plants quarantine. And you actually make a valid point. We have a vaccine for the flu and yet it still kills thousands every year. We DON’T have a vaccine for covid and it has a higher spread and death rate so YES it absolutely will operate differently. Bruce is right. We desperately need a politician in office who cares more about the people and science than his ratings and “likes”. I would argue though that Americans deserve more than just a politician....we deserve a leader....and unfortunately, that is not Trump.

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