Letter to the Editor

If I were one to believe in a wrathful God, I would certainly look upon recent weather events in the red Midwest as almighty punishment for those who voted for and continue to support the current U.S. President.  Even though in my weakest moments I joke this is so, I know these weather extremes to be the result of human-caused climate change.

Oh, but wait — are not so many of these same folks climate change deniers?  Again, a wrathful God would seek severe ways in which to turn his followers into true believers, to show them the error in their belief.  But wait — severe weather could also be his way of proving displeasure with land and resource misuse caused by corporate greed.

Oh, but wait — the current administration is a great supporter of corporate greed.  And of stripping this wrathful God’s resources to line pockets already so full their seams split — at the expense of those very Midwesterners — and others, of course.

Hmmm… here’s to the wrathful God.

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Actually, I think God put Trump here in order to save our country from our biggest enemies, the liberals.

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