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When I attended last summer’s opening salvo regarding FLASH, I was impressed by the number of Russian parents in attendance — thinking these are people familiar with totalitarianism and what happens when the state decides the important issues of life.

1. “You can be anything you want to be” has literally taken on a whole new meaning. You can be any gender you want to be and no one can judge or question.

2.  The science referred to is “science” that says my personal feelings trump reality and nature (so that the few can feel better). This “science” goes so far as to say that men can menstruate and boys who think they are girls can compete and win against girls (of course) in athletic competitions.

3. Yes, teaching about something does raise the level of interest and engagement. Decades of advocating for sex without structure (now full “sex weeks” at university level) has created a crisis of depression in young women, #MeToo, illegitimate births that cause poverty, etc.

Sizemore thinks that our sex saturated culture is leaving children “ignorant”?  Maybe teach some self-denial, self-restraint, etc.?

4. Religious groups are actually not loud enough. The new religion of judgment-free sexuality, LGBTQ causes, etc., has caused innocent business owners’ lives and businesses to be destroyed as they are dragged into court by any who dare to disagree with prevailing views.  The LGBTQ juggernaut is constantly pushed by entertainment, sports, academia, corporations, social media, politicians, etc. — no match for “religious” groups.

5. One writer asserted that teaching math will make girls not want to marry? I’d love just one popular cultural voice to promote the value and safety of marriage for women — that creating a home is a beautiful and noble thing. Perhaps she doesn’t realize that more women than men now attend universities, medical schools and law schools?

6. Belief that the state and “experts” should raise our children is their worldview — not those ignorant parents (“getting the state involved is the only way to change”). They keep railing against traditional religion (clumsily stated by some at meetings), but appear blind to their own religion, unquestioning dogmatic faith in the unseen bureaucratic vision of mandated equality — taking hard earned tax money from parents to fund the sex teaching that the “educators” deem appropriate while telling “controlling” parents to keep quiet. So who exactly is doing the controlling? Their god = government.

These same bureaucrats want children to learn that men are toxic, whites are endemically racist and certain groups are “victims.” Check out the “Deep Equity” curriculum!

I applaud the courage of those who staved off the inevitable. “Progressive” sex education wasn’t enough, accepting gay marriage wasn’t enough, gender identity won’t be enough. It will never be enough. Who knows what’s next?  I highly recommend Heather MacDonald’s “The Diversity Delusion” to better understand what is at hand.

How lucky that Dr. Lee was afforded 650 words compared to those of us who work hard to stay under 500.

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