Letter to the Editor

Writing in response to Jim Camden's good article regarding our governor and President Donald Trump.  

Vice President Mike Pence not only talked with Gov. Jay Inslee by phone but arrived here at the outset of this pandemic to learn how to help. The federal administration has been on point regarding what is requested or demanded. That includes ventilators and asking businesses to create masks (proving how efficiently private business operates versus government's inept bureaucracy) all at the request of beleaguered governors, only to have some of that very equipment go elsewhere because it was overkill. 

The refrain of the governors is to demand the federal government compensate for their poor planning.  

Will Gov. Inslee learn from this tragedy and plan for the next assured crisis? I fear that nothing will be learned — just more tax dollars (from private businesses who have no voice or idea in how their tax money gets spent) thrown at "diversity," "causes" and "programs" (that now seem quite irrelevant during this nightmare) that saturate institutions of "learning."  

The newest example is forcing down the minds of students the new K-12 sex education curriculum that promotes various lifestyles or some might say a violation of innocence — despite parents not wanting said curriculum.  

Will Gov. Inslee learn from this and reevaluate any further relationship with China? The same China that lied and people died? Will the billions of dollars that get wasted on the aforementioned programs — including the endless people required to "teach" those subjects — now get saved and spent wisely for the next pandemic or upheaval to happen?  

Sadly, I think not, but instead this time will be used by officials (and those unelected) to control, intrude and violate what is left of our freedoms.  

If I was the president, I don't think I'd want to talk with someone like Gov. Inslee who has used his office to constantly whine and disparage the president.

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Polly Baker

Inslee, just as Trump, and every other politician is in a difficult position. They find themselves between a rock and a hard place during this pandemic. Economy vs citizens. I, for one, am grateful for the precautions and steps Inslee has taken to protect the citizens of Washington state. However, I also realize that others, such as yourself, may disagree. However, Trump's refusal to talk to Governors of states that disagree with him is not the appropriate response for the leader of America during this dangerous time. Calling Inslee names and threatening to not provide government assistance, federal aid, or medical supplies is not only dishonorable to the entire country but is blatantly childish. As Washingtonians we should be ashamed of our President's behavior. Being petty and foolish should never be the desired qualities of an American President.

Bob Larimer

I could not agree more. Inslee and Democrats had already put our state deep in the red before covid hever hit us.

Now Inslee and his Big Government buddies are going to plead for federal bailouts.

No thanks.

Democrats have already drained us.

I don't want my federal dollars sucked down the Olympia black hole.

Inslee and the Legislature can now deal with the wreckage of their tax and spend socialist policies.

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