Letter to the Editor

We are witnessing a great injustice inflicted upon President Trump. For two years he has been lambasted and ridiculed by the Democrats and the media as a conspirator with Russia, a bogus president who stole the 2016 election. Now it turns out none of it was true and the whole story was a hoax. A national and historic shame should descend on the Democratic party for many years to come. President Trump may not be an angel but he is a pretty good president.

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Polly Baker

Unfortunately, between your "pretty good president"'s attacks on the dead (Barbara Bush and John McCain), as well as his repeated inability to speak coherently, write/tweet using proper English grammar, calling world leaders by spiteful nicknames, disparaging pretty much every minority group in existence, and just his general lack of knowledge regarding government, I would have to absolutely and completely, without hesitation disagree with you.


Frank, please be more specific. What does the president do that makes him a great president ?

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